Thursday, July 10, 2008

Keep Cool Secret #3

Choose the right shirt. A great modestifying tip is to layer your shirts - if the shirt is too short, add a long tanktop underneath; wear a shade shirt underneath a cami; add a ModesTee to your slightly revealing attire. These are all great ideas - when it's not a hundred degrees out. Sometimes just the thought of all those layers is enough to make me sweat. So, one way to avoid that is to carefully choose a shirt that is both modest and cool, without having to add any extra insulation. My favorite shirt is a black tuxedo top style that I found at a used clothing store (Plato's Closet) - it's made with a thin fabric so it's deliciously breathable, it's modest, and it's cute. I love that thing. So, I went on a little search and found a few more modest, one-layer-covers-all, cute, breezy shirts for summer:

From Chadwick's:

From Delia's:

Hmmm, I think I have a thing for white. Most of these come in other colors as well, but I'm partial to white (which isn't so great when you somehow manage to spill all over yourself every time you turn around). I think it is key, though, to choose a light color and a light, breezy fabric. Stay cool!