Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Modest Fashions at Bellisima

So, January was a dismal month for blogging, eh? January tends to be a pretty dismal month all around, what with the cold, the snow, the cold. Yeah, mostly the cold. But here we are in February, and suddenly everything seems better. We've turned the corner. Snow is melting (even though it will probably snow again), and we have the rosy pink glow of Valentine's Day to perk everything up. Oh yeah, and I was born in February, making it the best month of the year. Happiness.

So, February will be a month (hopefully) to renew both blogging and sewing efforts and hopefully get some fun things going around here.

For the first post of February, I just have to let everyone know about Bellisima! Modesty Boutique. Cute Faith clued me in to this site (thanks, Faith!) and wow, do they have some great stuff and great prices. Makes me anxious for the Husby's check to come in so I can spend it. Mwahahaha.

Anyway, here are a few of my favorites:

First up is this adorable bolero that could be used to modestify any formal without looking cheesy or bulky as sometimes, sadly, boleros do.

Next up, for those of us not attending a formal dance any time soon, but still wanting to get dressed up, this paisley skirt is just to die for (best part? it's on sale for 4.99):

This blouse totally gets me, as in - it knows where I'm coming from and it totally wants to hang out with me. I want to hang out with it too:

This entire outfit makes me giddy and totally brings that rosy pink glow of Valentine's Day into my heart:

So, go check out Bellisima. There is so much there - so cute and so affordable.

And keep checking back here at Modestify - there should be good things happening in February.