Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tutorial Tuesday: Feather Hairpieces

So, yesterday I offered up the idea of using fascinators to spice up a simple dress to make it into a prom-ready ensemble. In that post I claimed you could easily and cheaply make one yourself. Well, just to prove it to you I found two tutorials that will show you how you can make yourself a lovely fascinator, for prom or any other fancy occasion you may be attending.

First a video from threadbanger, mostly utilizing feathers.

And second, a link to a photo tutorial from corvus tristis showing how to use feathers with flowers and ribbons to make a gorgeous hair accessory sure to sparkle.


Elaine said...

Hi, found your blog through weaves of Mormon fashion blogs. Glad to know there are other LDS who are aware of fashion! Check out mine at clothedmuch.blogspot.com Thanks!

Valerie Russell said...

Hey, super fun idea. I enjoyed the tutorial. That's a craft that's actually fun :)

Feather said...

I love it! Thanks for the how-too! I also love the name of your blog. Check out my modest blog at feathersflights.blogspot.com.