Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Be Original

I don't know about you, but I've never thought it was much fun to look like everyone else. That's why I think DIY clothing is so much fun. Find a cute fabric, some fun trim, and make yourself a skirt that no one else will ever have. And, as a bonus, you can make it exactly as long or short as you're comfortable with. I'm not much good at sewing, but I can have fun with simple patterns and projects, such as one I found on crafster.org. You have to start by making this circle skirt:

Then follow these instructions*:

a) make a simple circle skirt (there's a great tutorial for that here on craftster!) but INSTEAD of cutting an arc to get rid of the squared-off fabric, leave it. It'll give you the aysmmetrical hem.
b) hem the bottom so that your hem line is about a centimeter above the bottom edge of the fabric
c) pin lace ON TOP of the fabric (right-side up!) so that the extra centimeter overlaps- or, rather, bottomlaps, I guess
d) sew on lace, using same coloured thread as the lace colour
e) bunch up the top a bit at random places. this will allow the skirt to fit you better, and looks prettier
f) hem the waist-edge of the skirt
g) make an elastic band for the top. I just cut up an old blood donor shirt, but anything with some give to it with colours that match should work!
h) attach elastic ON TOP of waist hem so that there's a bottomlap, like on the bottom with the lace
i) BY HAND, sew on pearl strands that are of varying lengths. If you do this by machine, you might accidentally kill yourself. I know I did.

*Originally posted here by Crafster member odile.