Saturday, June 7, 2008

Featured Site:

So, I've been dreaming for a while about a new swimsuit. I mean, I like mine fine, but it was bought out of absolute desperation: it was the only modest swimsuit I could find before my honeymoon. So, I had a little fun today browsing the collection at and I found these three that are my absolute favorites, with the last one being my favorite favorite and the one I'd buy if I only had the money.

Of all the sites for modest clothing, I've found recently I liked the swimsuits at this site the best. It has a wide collection of cute, cute suits and, while not particularly cheap, they're no more expensive than comparable suits. So, if you're hunting for a cute swimsuit for the summer months, I'd recommend checking out the collection at layersclothing. And let me know if you find your favorite there.