Friday, August 29, 2008

Modest Homecoming Dress Giveaway

Note: If you don't want to read my random rambling, scroll down to the paragraph that begins "I have a brilliant idea."

Ok, so we're all depressed that school is starting again and summer is over (when I say we, read: I. I am depressed. I am pining away for scorching hot days and stifling nights. I know I am the only one who actually likes this. I am only partly deluding myself when I say we.), but there is a lot to look forward to (even for poor, little ol' depressed me).

First of all, football is back on. Maybe this is not good news for everyone, but for me it means a big fat bag of kettle corn, a feeling of camaraderie with the entire town of Provo and beyond, and up to four hours with my husband where he does not have his computer on his lap (he does not know this bugs me; mostly, I've accepted it as part of his identity, but it's still nice sometimes to get away from it). Ah, football.

But the point of this post is not football, it's what goes along with football: homecoming. Now, I did not know this, but homecoming is not technically about football - it's about welcoming back former residents and alumni; however, it's usually associated with a football game and of course, a dance. Now, that's what I've been getting at this whole time.

I have a brilliant idea. Yes, brilliant. Here's my idea: I am going to do a giveaway here on the blog (because I think it's so cool when other blogs do them, and I'm jealous of their coolness). Every week until homecoming I am going to go out and find a cheap(ish), probably used, probably d.i. dress and turn it into something amazing that would be appropriate to wear to a homecoming-type dance. I'll post pictures of the dress before; then, when it's ready (hopefully after a week), I'll post the picture of my beautiful creation. If you leave a comment on the blog requesting to be entered in the drawing, well, then you will be entered in the drawing and hopefully I will draw your name out. And you will have a cool dress made by me.

So, I went to d.i. today and got my first experiment. I am going to ask for some help on this one because, while I have some ideas of the direction I want it to go in, I'd like some suggestions on the particulars. Ok, so without further ado, here's the dress:

(Note: I put the little kitty in the corner mostly just because I could. Check out Picnik, it's way fun.)

Ok, so it has a little stain on the front that is hard to see, but I still want to do something about it. What I'm thinking (besides, of course, washing it) is that I want to dye it. Here is what I'm thinking: either black, dark chocolate brown, or possibly blue. What do you, as possible future owners of this dress, think? Please give me some ideas on this!

Also, please let others that you may know about this giveaway extravaganza. I really want this to be something useful to those out there who would like to wear a modest dress to homecoming (or any other dance, or date, or school, or out bowling, or you know, wherever you want to wear a moderately fancy dress). So please pass the word along.

Ok, this post is definitely long enough. Over and out!


Austin said...

charity, i think it's a great idea, keep at it! and if you need help getting your blog business more traffic, let me know, it's what i (now) do!

Rachelle said...

Cute idea for the give away! I don't need any fancy dresses, but I do have an idea for this dress. It'll be kinda hard to describe in just words. So if you're planning on lining the dress, I can email you a sketch. Either way, good luck with it!

dana said...

hi there. Thanks for leaving a comment on my MADE blog. And hello.....PLEASE make scrappy monsters! My blog is there to share ideas and to let people steal them if they'd like. No plagiarizing assumed!

quitecontrary1977 said...

i love the dress, and i have an idea.. you know what's hot right now? bold citrus tones like yellows, and oranges. A yellow dress with a wide gray or orange belt. that'd be cute! not very modest though, is it? well.. just aan idea!

Charlie Gammon said...

If you were to dye it, I'd suggest the blue or chocolate brown. Black is a great color, but it very rarely comes out evenly.

Angelina Lucas said...

I love the dress in white. Great!!