Thursday, August 21, 2008

Making Anything Out of Anything

Obscure Homestar Runner reference aside (if you go watch it, wait a little while after the end of the toon, you'll see the funniest part), this week's focus will be on back to school fashions you can make yourself. More specifically, things you can make yourself out of things you already have. Amazing, eh? The reasons why are as follows: a) back to school shopping can be fun, but it can really drain your account. b) do you really want to show up to school the first day (whether that's high school, college, or dropping your kids off for their first day of kindergarten) wearing the same thing as nine other people? ugh, no thanks. and, c) what better way to ensure that your wardrobe is modest than to have made it yourself?

First up, a pretty awesome crafter on posted a tutorial on how to make this awesome skirt out of a pillow case. I am absolutely in love with it, and really want to make one myself. I imagine you could make it out of any random textile you have lying around your house: an old sheet, a curtain perhaps?

Here's a link to the tutorial: pillowcase skirt