Monday, August 11, 2008

Skirt Tutorials

So, the week of incredible lameness is officially over. The search for a new banner is not, but that's ok. I'm on it. Sort of.

Actually, what I'm really up to more than anything is watching the Olympics. It's been a few years (say, four? no actually eight) since I really have gotten to watch the summer Olympics, so it's fun to be excited about the events again. I'm certainly jazzed about the gymnastics, and diving and swimming became new favorites during the 2000 summer Olympics (thanks to Ian Thorpe. Ah the Thorpedo. It's good to be cheering for the US this year though, instead of falling for that quick Aussie.) And look how cute the Beijing Mascots are: Oh, yeah, I do have something modesty-related for you today. I have to admit, I still have not done much legwork, but it's the beginning of a new week: I gotta build up slowly to daily blogging. Anyway, for today's treat, I will point you to ThreadBanger for what they call their weekly diy roundup. This week, it focuses on several web tutorials for awesome skirts - all very modest and some pretty simple and fun to make. Enjoy!