Monday, September 22, 2008

Homecoming Under $50 Etsy Style

In case anyone missed it over the weekend, the dress is finished and the giveaway has begun. Don't forget to enter The Homecoming Dress Giveaway, ending Friday. :)

In the hunt for a modest homecoming/formal dress, there is one place that maybe many of you have not thought to look yet. Etsy. It's a website where sellers and buyers of handmade goods have an absolute heyday. You can find anything there - and it's all handmade. I found tons of great dresses there just searching for formal dresses. I only picked the ones that were both modest and under $50, and I found so many I just had to stop. Definitely go check it out if you are still looking for the perfect, unique dress.

My favorites:

This classy, vintage-style number is from etsy seller CassiesAttic for only $34.99

This one, from seller cutiepieboutique, is going for $42.00

But I love this one (going for $40) from the same seller even more. It's fun, it's flirty, it's way different, and let's face it, it's adorable.

This dress
(for $45) is amazing, but you've got to see her other stuff. It's a little more expensive, but not nearly what it's worth. Seller LeTreMadine has beautiful renaissance, period, and even elven dresses. I'd say this one is so worth shelling out the extra bucks.

There's also this fun forties piece from the same seller, for only $35.00:

Those are only some of the gorgeous, handmade dresses out there available through Etsy. Definitely go check it out! You can also find gorgeous handmade jewelry to match your gorgeous handmade dress.