Monday, September 15, 2008

Modest Homecoming Under $50

So, I'm still hiding from the dress, but not idly. I'm formulating ideas and things should be done soon. Meanwhile, since I noticed that many people are finding my site on a search for modest and cheap homecoming gowns, I decided to go on a little search of my own and see what I could round up for under 50 dollars. I know how incredibly frustrating it is to find a modest dress without spending a lot of money. So, I've done a little of the legwork for you and hopefully something will strike your fancy. The links will take you to the site where you can buy or bid on the dress.

The worst first:

If you're looking to really stand out at homecoming and have a little fun, you might try this eighties style dress on sale for 29.00 at cybernet plaza

Then there's this cute, sort of baby-dollish dress from PromGirl for 38.00.

Now for the ones I actually like:

This one comes from Discount Dressup, and I think it's quite cute, nice color and simple design, selling for 39.99

And if you want to go for the classic little black dress, this one from Chadwicks is on sale for 39.99. Pair it with a slip like this one from Vintage Hem and you could fancy it up a bit and make sure it's long enough.

Don't forget to try ebay for a unique dress and possibly really good deal. Here are some current auctions I found:

Someone still looking for a kimono-style dress? Well here's one going for a starting bid of 39.99 or you could skip the auction and buy it now for 49.99.

I also really love this classy formal that has a starting bid of 9.99 and two days left on the auction.

This one
is probably my favorite of them all, but you're going to have to act quick. The bid closes in four hours. The going price is 39.99.

Well, hopefully these gave you some ideas of some dresses or some places to look. I wish you all success finding something that makes you feel beautiful on your special day.