Wednesday, March 4, 2009

How to Dress Like Penelope

Ok, I know this movie came out over a year ago but I just watched it again on Netflix instant play and again was enchanted by the set design and wardrobe. It may not be the best movie I've ever seen, but every time I watch it I think "I want to live in that movie." I want those colors all around me, I want those plants in their terrariums, I want that swing in my bedroom for goodness sake. But the thing that enchants me most of all, I think, is Penelope's wardrobe. There's something classy and classic about it, yet at the same time something original and personal. And best of all, the majority of what she wears is modest - tasteful and classic.

The first time I watched this movie, upon arriving home, I immediately jumped on the ol' internet and searched desperately for any pictures I could find that could give me inspiration in recreating this look for myself. (With my own personal touches of course - as much as I love skirts, I just can't give up my jeans.) Nothing. There was like ONE picture of Penelope online - her in that adorable coat. But even though it was adorable, it just wasn't enough. So, after watching Penelope again, I tried again - even harder - to find some pictures and get some ideas of what makes Penelope's wardrobe so enchanting. Finally I found some. Here they are:

Yep, all three screenshots I could find. But, still, I did gain some insight into the style and I wanted to share some major points of what makes Penelope's wardrobe so great, and how to recreate it, or elements of it, for yourself:

a.) Colors - For most of the movie, Penelope dresses in vibrant but muted jewel tones: reds, greens, browns, blues. They have a sort of saturated feel that makes things feel older, classier, somehow.

b.) Skirts - I don't think Penelope wears any pants in this movie. She mostly wears knee-length skirts and dresses with coordinating tights and shoes. In the last scene of the movie she's wearing a blue dress with blue tights and blue shoes. How I love it. In all, her clothing is sweet and very feminine.

c.) Embellishents - Again, with the feminine - many of the shirts Penelope wears are embellished with very feminine elements like beaded flowers, ribbons, ruffles, puffed sleeves, and my personal favorite - buttons.

d.) Shoes - Penelope wears these adorable, solid-colored, heeled Mary Janes throughout the movie. They usually coordinate perfectly with whatever tights she's wearing.

So, while everyone else has moved on, I've finally cracked the code to Penelope's clothes ;) I think we all need to find our style inspiration and wear things that make us feel unique and beautiful in a modest way. Who are your style icons?


MCrush706 said...

I've been searching for Penelopes style for awhile now and its been frustrating so thank you! LOVE the clothing links.. Great stores! way. said...

i love this post. i just watched the movie and took a BILLION screenshots - not of the wardrobe but the set. and i will admit, i want to dress like penelope. you've inspired me.

Kookoo7 said...

I think this is a wonderful post! i too am in love with the movie and Penelopes style! it would be nice if everyone in the world didnt care about what everyone else was wearing. By that i mean using opinions to create outfits such as everyone looking alike. People not having enough guts to wear what they really want to! I'm in the 8th grade so its hard to be true to yourself and come to school everyday dressed how you wanna be :) You've inspired me though and have helped because after watching Penelope i went crazy cutting up my clothes and designing them in different ways! It was a mess. But adorable :) Its just nice to see theres someone out there who adores Penelope as much as i do! But yes im with you........i cant part with my jeans!

lesleyanne said...


I just finished watching Penelope, and completely fell in love with her wardrobe and bedroom decor! I immediately did a search on Google for "Penelope wardrobe" and your blog post was the first hit! I am now following your blog, thank you for the insight into her fashion. What a lovely style she has.

I look forward to your posts!

A fellow fashionista,

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Penelope and really really love this post. I'm out to get Mary Janes, tights and skirts. Thanks!

eepiphanies said...

She has a few other key tricks. Always has a natural waistline, buttons down the front of her top, and lots of striped undershirts, always a scoop-necked shirt.

Anonymous said...

I too am a huge fan of penelope's clothing in the film and have been dying to find a site with recreations but this helps too. Glad to see I'm not alone in this!!

amy said...

I think some of the clothes i have seen throught the movie look similar to a clothing store called anthropolige. hope that helps.

Surf Jewels said...

I want the shoes!!!

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Krixie Dixie said...

I too, after watching the movie, began searching for her wardrobe. I just wanted to take a cue from her fashion style because it was so whimsical and cute but timeless. Thanks for your post! Gave me a good insight for pieces to start looking for. HEE.

Remarc said...

I realize you posted this four years ago, but I'd love to know what links you're talking about. Please and thank you!

love4dolphins said...

I have been looking ALL OVER for some low heeled, cute, colorful Mary Janes, and I can't find them anywhere! Does anyone know of a store or a site where I could find them??