Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tutorial Tuesday: Wrap Pants

Easy, breezy, beautiful... wrap pants. I found this tutorial by Laupre on how to make these awesome wrap pants that look to be divinely comfortable. They're versatile, unique, comfortable - and, our favorite, modest. Click here for the tutorial. Or, if you would rather shop than sew, you could probably order some from her Etsy shop. I'll also take this opportunity to highlight a few of the other delightful items she has available in her shop right now.

Exhibit A: This adorable shrug, currently on sale for $16.00

Exhibit B: This fun, almost patchwork-esque shirt for $27.00

Exhibit C: In the accessory category, this purse has totally captured my heart.

So go check out Laupre, and maybe make yourself some pants!