Thursday, March 26, 2009


Sorry for the lack of postage lately - big things have been going on in the personal life department. Biggest news - we found out we're having a boy! We are so excited to welcome our little boy into the world, I can't believe I still have to wait five months. (Saying phrases like "our little boy" "my son" - wow, that gives such a thrill.)
In other not-so-big news I am getting a serger soon and the anticipation is killing me. I am really looking forward to playing with this new machine and having more options for making my own (modest) clothing. Hopefully there will be some fun tutorials/giveaways coming up.

But back to the modestifying stuff. I was going link crazy today and found some pretty neat things. Started out on Meal Planning Mommies (which for you cooks out there, mommies or not, is an amazing resource), then skipped from there over to Joy in Every Step, and from there to The Stay-at-Home Missionary (both extremely uplifting blogs), who led me to Beautifully Adorned (now we're getting into the fashion stuff), who finally led me to The Modest Fashion Bloggers Network. There you have it. The site provides links to blogs focusing on modest fashions and promoting modesty and femininity. They also have a shopping list of sites that provide modest fashions and information about events going on in the world of modest fashion. So go check it out and enjoy!