Friday, August 1, 2008

Button-Down Shirt Save

Ok, this is less about modesty and more about avoiding embarrassing situations, but I think it comes in handy in both categories. I think button-down shirts are cute and often classy, but they have a sort of side effect that can cause awkward moments. What I'm talking about is the unintended peek at your bra they often give people because of the gaps between the buttons. Well, today I found this neat little product that you can use with any button-down shirt to eliminate this issue entirely. The No See 'Ems blouse front closures from Bug Catcherz. They also have handy adhesive strips for other slippery clothing issues. I used strips like these at my wedding and they really helped keep everything in place and made sure I was only showing what I wanted to show. Check it out, and have a good weekend. When we return on Monday, the blog may have a new look.


Rebecca said...

Thank you from the Bug Ladies in Atlanta for such a wonderful endorsement!

Rebecca Whicker