Thursday, September 18, 2008

More Modest Homecoming Under $50: Vintage Style

For the second installment of homecoming under $50, I thought I'd get a little creative with my searches and find some vintage dresses for you ladies. Here are a few I found on ebay:

I'm not sure how vintage this one really is, but it has a sort of throwback to that era style. I thought it was cute anyway, and its starting bid is 23.99

What I thought when I saw this one was "Holy awesomeness!!" Wow! It's got only 4 hours left for bidding and it's going for $30.00. I wish I had somewhere to wear it!

This one makes me think of some southern belle or something. It's here on ebay, with a starting bid of 19.99 and the bidding ends Saturday.

This pretty and simple ebay item can be found here. With three hours left on the auction, it's going for just 3.99.

This vintage number from the 70's can be found here on ebay for the "buy it now" price of 39.99.

This is not vintage or period, but I found it and thought someone might appreciate a $10 homecoming dress:

This little black dress from Target is a steal at 9.99. Dress it up with pretty jewelry, maybe a slip from vintage hem, fancy hair, and you've got yourself a cheap, modest homecoming outfit.

And one more non-vintagey one. I found this one for 46.50 in the sale section of Shabby Apple's site (such cute dresses) It's a little more casual, but it's so cute:


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